The Gentleman's Guide to Cocktails


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  • Hardback - 144 Pages
  • ISBN : 9781742704104
  • 18.6cm x 14.8cm


The Gentleman's Guide to Cocktails will turn your man into the perfect cocktail waiter! Once upon a time, ordering a cocktail at a bar was the kind of thing an aging lothario might do to impress a girl. These days, however, knowing your Margarita from your Mojito is essential knowledge for every modern man. In The Gentleman's Guide to Cocktails author Alfred Tong will teach you all you need to know about the fine art of mixology. From tools of the trade, to muddling and mixing, schmoozing and shaking, and including secrets from some of the world's best bartenders, you'll be mixing with mojo in no time. Hone your skills with over 100 recipes, ranging from classics such as Bloody Marys to modern marvels like the Flirtini, the Don Draper and Under the Boardwalk. Slick and stylish, dapper and dandy, The Gentleman's Guide to Cocktails will turn you into the man who mixes.

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