The Adventurous Blends of William Whistle - Jasmine & Elderflower Tea


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  • 15 Biodegradable Pyramid Teabags
  • Jasmine & Elderflower Flavour
  • Caffeine-free
  • May contain traces of nuts
  • Hand blended in the heart of england


This Jasmine & Elderflower Tea is from The Adventurous Blends of William Whistle, a small tea and coffee merchant crafting exotic flavoured teas and coffees sourced from the highest quality ingredients found across the world.

A tea with a tale to tell, William Whistle crossed treacherous terrains, navigated fathomless oceans, and defied many a wild beast in pursuit of the thirst-quenching ingredients in this fine brew! A botanical breakthrough , it contains a delightful blend of Chinese flora, green tea, jasmine blossom and anti-viral elderflower for a health-boosting tea that's also nice iced or used in a cocktail!

Presented in fantastic packaging inspired by the Victorian-era enthusiasm for expedition, Jasmine & Elderflower Tea truly brings together the discoveries of the past with expertise of the present. It's an ideal gift for that special someone in your life who appreciates a great flavoured brew, and great design too!

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