Safe Baby Handling Tips


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  • Complied by David & Kelly Sopp
  • ISBN: 9780762424917
  • 15.9cm x 15.7cm
  • Handback


Safe Baby Handling Tips is a comedy guide on how best to care for your bundle of joy. New parents will benefit from this indispensable and hilarious guide full of the "do's" and "dont's" on baby care. Black and white illustrations clearly outline the safe handling tips you need to know ranging from how best to test baby's bottle, waking baby to shopping with baby.

So new parents can relax, by following the instructions included you will instantly appear confident, experienced, capable and not idiotic. On its front cover the 'wheel of responsibility' helps negotiate who's turn it is next, mum or dad, to answer the cry of your little one.

Best of luck with honing those new skills and taking on the challenging task of caring for someone - other than yourself!

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