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  • Contains 3 volumes of the best-selling 36 hours series
  • Books are clothbound flexicover, packaged in detailed slipcase.
  • Includes a key card for free instant access to over £50 of digital content
  • 18,000 pages
  • ISBN: 978-3-8365-5296-7


Great Reasons to Buy 36 Hours World

  • This handsomely packaged box contains 3 volumes of the very best "36 hours" New York Times series of travel books.
  • Organised A-Z, It covers 365 locations world-wide from Abu Dhabi to Zurich, including 14 new cities never before published in the “36 Hours” book series and over 1000 recommendations for hotels and restaurants.
  • A keycard provides instant and unlimited access to the digital edition of each destination, so you can plan at leisure with the beautiful, inspiring box set, and continue to access all top tips and recommendations remotely.
  • Complete with easy to reference indexes and detailed city-by-city maps, its the perfect gift for passionate travellers and jet-setters.

Why You'll Love these books

"36 Hours" is a hugely popular New York Times travel column that was transformed into an illustrated series of books by TASCHEN publishers in 2011. Following on from their hugely successful curated regional collections, 36 Hours World is the latest addition to their popular series recognising that a journey does not have to be long to be memorable.

Packaged in a handsome box, this set of books is a wonderful trio of volumes covering 365 destinations worldwide, including new locations in Africa and the Middle East not previously featured in "36" hour publications. Organised A-Z from Abu Dhabi to Zurich, the volumes contain informed recommendations for over 1,500 restaurants and 1000 hotels, as well as easy-to-reference indexes, detailed city maps and almost 2000 photos. In addition, a keycard inside provides instant and unlimited access to digital editions of all 365 destinations - over £50 of free digital content, so you can plan at leisure with the beautiful, inspiring box set, and continue to access all top tips and recommendations remotely. Dreaming of Dakar or Pining for Paris? The world is waiting, and since you only have so much time to see it all, why not inject adventure into your every weekend with this amazing travel guide? Packaged in a stunningly illustrated slipcase, It's the perfect gift for globetrotters.

Editor Barbara Ireland is a former deputy travel editor and deputy Op-Ed page editor at The New York Times. While on the Times staff, she commissioned and edited many "36 Hours" columns and wrote a few herself. She is a graduate of Cornell University and was a John S. Knight journalism fellow at Stanford University.

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