Muuto Restore Storage Basket


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  • Designer : Mika Tolvanen
  • Material : Polymer Felt
  • Dimensions : H: 23cm; W: 35cm; D: 48cm
  • Delivery: 4 - 6 weeks


Why you should buy the Muuto Restore Storage Basket

  • Environmentally friendly, this storage basket is made from recycled materials.
  • It's available in 5 colour options.
  • Versatile and multi purpose it's strong and durable so is fantastic for papers, magazines, toys, firewood and much more

Why you'll love this home storage solution:

The Restore Storage Basket designed by Mika Tolvanen for Danish furniture and lighting company Muuto takes its name from the process in which it is made, using fibres extracted from recycled plastic bottles. Restore's structure challenges traditional perceptions of functional storage baskets in a unique and understated way, and the result is an versatile basket that is strong enough to be used for most household storage tasks. Furthermore, in several colours this is one storage basket you won't want to hide away!

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Cleaning Instructions: Vacuum. If necessary use moist cloth.

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Muuto Restore Storage Basket
Muuto Restore Storage Basket
Muuto Restore Storage Basket - Lifestyle
Muuto Restore Storage Basket - Lifestyle
Muuto Restore Storage Basket - Lifestyle