Moomin Mug - Thingumy & Bob

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  • Designer : Tove Slotte for Arabia
  • Year of Design : 2005
  • Material : Porcelain
  • Dishwasher & microwave safe
  • Made in Finland


This Moomin Thingumy & Bob Mug has been illustrated by Tove Slotte for Arabia who took inspiration from the original drawings by Moomin creator Tove Jannsson.

The Moomins have a special place in the hearts of both adults and children alike enchanted by their adventures in the beautiful Moomin valley hidden in the depths of the forests in Finland. You just can't help fall in love with these white Scandinavian trolls who resemble hippopotamuses with their large rounded snouts and big eyes. Created initially as a comic story and book first published in 1945, it was later produced into a TV series which has seen their popularity grow ever since.

All sorts of exciting things happen in Moomins valley which is inhabited by mymbles, bemulens, fillyjonks and all kinds of small toffles and whompers! The outside world is fraught with adventures, dangers and all sorts of catastrophes - we can't forget the juice parties!

The loveable and adorable carefree Moomins have been captured within this range of Moomin Mugs, each featuring a different Moomin character.

Thingumy & Bob are inseparable usually walking hand in hand and speaking a weird dialect that only Hemulen understands at first. Sniff even thinks they speak a foreign language. The small and curious pair love to hide in narrow spaces, for example in drawers or under rugs. They are friendly to everyone, but like to keep their little secrets.

This mug holds 0.3 Litres

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Moomin Mug - Thingumy & Bob