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  • Paperback
  • 141 pages
  • ISBN: 978-0-500-29247-1


Great reasons to buy London A-Z

  • London A-Z is a classic guide book first published in the Queen's coronation year, 1953.
  • A lexicon from A-Z of the London's curiosities, It's full of the charm, idiosyncrasy and humour that makes the city unique.
  • It's essential reading for every metropolitan explorer.
  • it's full of quirky, vintage illustrations from Edward Bawden

Why you'll love this book

First published in 1953, the year that saw thousands descend on London to watch the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, London A to Z is a lexicon of the city’s curiosities, from art galleries and airports, to zoos and zebra crossings. A charmingly idiosyncratic guide, it brings London alive with its dry depictions of famous night clubs, museums, statues and other iconic land marks.

More than sixty years have passed since London A-Z was first published, but this vintage guide continues to capture the big smoke in all its uniqueness, featuring a new introduction that places the original publication in context. An essential guide for any city slicker, get drawn into 1950s London via a tour of the book’s most curious, nostalgic and whimsical entries!

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  • London A-Z