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  • Paperback
  • ISBN : 978-90-6369-397-8


Great Reasons To Buy Home Made Food

  • Home Made is a notebook and cookbook at the same time, written and illustrated by best-selling culinary author Yvette Van Boven.
  • It contains a range of recipes from across Europe as well handy food and cooking information.
  • Blank spaces have been left on the pages for readers to take a turn at jotting down their own tricks and recipes.
  • A two in one publication with beautiful illustrations, it's a ideal gft for anyone who loves a challenge in the kitchen.

Why You'll Love This Cook Book

Following the international success of her award-winning Home Made Cook Books, Yvette Van Boven has created the perfect companion to her existing publications, the Home Made Food Note Book. In this notebook, Yvette cites her pantry staples and how she makes them, sharing all the handy cooking information you need to make delicious home made treats as well Dutch, French and Italian-inspired recipes. Wonderfully illustrated throughout, this book also contains ample blank space for you to fill with your own recipes, lists, food memories and more. More than just a cook book, Home Made is a series of adventures for anyone who loves a culinary challenge!

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