Hirameki - Cats & Dogs


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  • 64 pages
  • Dimensions: 21.0 x 16.0 cm
  • ISBN : 9780500292846


Great Reasons To Buy Hirameki: Cats & Dogs

  • An ingenious take on the Rorschach Inkblot Test, Hirameki is a book packed full of blots that readers can transform into whatever they like.
  • Creative, inspiring and a little bit anarchic, it's the perfect outlet for people of all ages who are bored drawing inside the lines.
  • Following the success of the original 'Draw What You See' this is a special cats and dogs version.
  • It contains prompts and hints that help the reader progress from single drawings to complete blot-to-blot scenes.

Why You'll love This Book

Is that spoldge a sausage dog or a kitty up a tree? Unlock your imagination and draw what you see...!

The Japanese word for a flash of inspiration, Hirameki is the creative phenomenon of 2016. From artists Pen & Hu, their inspiration came from seeing a cow with a blotch that looked just like a famous film star, giving them the idea that even the splodgiest blot could be turned into something amazing. Their passion for blots and dots has been channeled into Hirameki : Cats and Dogs- an ingenious book packed full of blots that you can transform into cats and dogs of all shapes and sizes. It follows the success of the original Hirameki : Draw What You See.

Highly creative and a little unconventional, even the most inexperienced doodlers can produce hundreds of sensational scribbles in Hirameki: Cats & Dogs. Prompts and hints are included throughout so readers can progress from single drawings to complete blot to blot schemes. For anyone of any age who likes to draw, this book is perfect for unlocking imagination.

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