Bobble Filtered Water Bobble


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  • Designer : Karim Rashid
  • Material : BPA free plastic
  • 500ml
  • H: 21cm; Diameter : 7cm
  • Made in the U.S.A


Bobble or WaterBobble is a unique patented design - THE solution to bottled water. Every year we spend millions of pounds on bottled water - this cost isn't just limited to our wallets and purses but to the environment too through disposal of the bottles to recycling plants or - worse - landfill or litter! That's not to mention the energy costs bringing the water to us through transportation - the resources used seem endless! To address this valuable waste Karim Rashid created Bobble not only as an energy efficient way of consuming bottled water, but a beautiful piece of engineered design for an everyday object. WaterBobble works like this : you fill with ordinary tap water; the coloured carbon filter at the neck of the bottle filters out all impurities, including chlorine, as you drink. It can be re-used up to 300 refills - that's a lot of bottled water!

Made from recycled plastic which is free from BPA (that's Bisphenol which contains phthalates and PVC) WaterBobble has an ergonomically designed shape, making it easy to hold, and comes available in a handy 550ml size in various colours. Additional filters can be purchased separately as and when you need to replace them.

Please note WaterBobble has a unique design meaning the filters can't be used with any other bottle. If you live in a hard water area Waterbobble is a must!

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Bobble Filtered Water Bobble
Bobble Filtered Water Bobble
Bobble Filtered Water Bobble
Bobble Filtered Water Bobble
Bobble Filtered Water Bobble