Artemide Mercury Mini Light


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  • Designer : Ross Lovegrove
  • Year of Design : 2012
  • Dimensions :
    Ceiling Mounted : Ø : 70cm; Drop : 56.2cm
    Suspension : Ø : 70cm; Max Drop : 200cm
  • Bulb Specifications
    Halogen - 1 x 160W R7s. ECO 2950K
    LED - 29W - 3000K - 2330lm
  • Delivery : 3 - 4 Weeks


Mercury Mini is a suspension or ceiling light designed by Ross Lovegrove for Artemide which is the predecessor to the larger Mercury Light. A masterpiece in contemporary lighting design Lovegrove took his inspiration from the simple elements of nature to create a large set of floating pebbles suspended from a disc. Made up of injection moulded thermoplastic elements with a mirror like finish these pebbles are suspended from a round, stainless steel disk and appear to be like large globules of mercury floating in the air. The light source itself is emitted from the plate from which the globules are suspended.

When the light source is switched off Mercury Mini's elements reflect the natural light, area and colours which surround them like a mirror but when it is turned on the mercury elements reflect the diffused light around the space they are illuminating.

A beautiful piece of lighting design Mercury Mini is available in two styles : suspension and ceiling (surface mounted) in either halogen or LED formats.

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