Artemide LED Net Line Pendant Light - 66


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  • Designer: Michele De Lucchi & Alberto Nason
  • Year of Design : 2011
  • Material: Painted aluminium, transparent methacrylate & methacrylste lens-holder
  • L: 66cm; Drop: 50cm (min) - 200cm (max)
  • Bulb Specification:
    23W - 3000K - 1313lm
  • Delivery : 2 - 3 Weeks


The 66cm LED Net Line Pendant Light is from a collection of branch like LED lighting solutions which comprise of varying compositions, sizes and fixtures designed by Michele De Lucchi and Alberto Nason for Artemide.

Net has a heavenly aura, the harmonious glossy white painted aluminium structure is composed of simple off-shoots which emerge from selected LED lights accentuating its bends and angles. As a result a zig-zag like formation is fabricated, gracefully suspended from above.

Each LED light is fitted with a transparent methacrylic lens and a satin finish metharcylic lens-holder which define the circular structures against the dividing linear arms. LED's are included.

This pendant version has a minimum drop of 50cm and a maximum of 200cm, allowing Net Line and its unique configuration to be seen in all its glory.

Within the LED Net series the larger LED Net Line 125 and LED Net Circle pendant lights are available, including LED Net Ceiling Light versions.

*Winner of the IF Produkt Design Award Design Quality, 2010, Hanover

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